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I took this pic of my turtle's belly, because my sister always jokes that he has an image of Jesus in his markings. I don't deny it resembles a face, but I don't know about Jesus...who does it look like to you?
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My husband recently bid on a ceiling fan on eBay, using my account. The auction was a week long and there was no reserve price on the item--the starting bid was $20. The auction was won at $50 (he REALLY wanted that fan) and the listed shipping was for a little over $5. I thought the shipping seemed low, but I wasn't going to argue, since it was a great deal, and I thought maybe it was being shipped at the slowest, lowest price. Whatever, it was my husband's bid. I got the email saying I'd won the auction and promptly paid via Paypal.

A few hours later, I went through the following series of exchanges with the seller:

I know you already paid me, but could you send more money? )

Now, I just sent this a short while ago, so he will probably continue to be an ass, but I might get lucky and have him give up on the correspondence. I don't expect to get the item at this point, but I will at least have my say. I don't think I am the one in the wrong here. What do you think?
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A link to my photobucket album of all the pics I took at Phoenix comic con

This is me in my new Catbus hat! Sorry it's so big!


I had a lot of fun, and so did the kids. In the pics, my youngest is in the orange vest and black top hat and my oldest is in the tan vest and copper colored top hat. They are the only ones I took multiple pictures of, because they are my kids and that's what moms do.
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SO! I get to have my eye surgery this morning to tighten the muscle in my crazy wandering eye. I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about this. My surgery isn't scheduled until 10:45 (and that's just the check in), so I was told not to have anything to eat or drink after 5:30 this morning. I woke at five and took my vitamins and had a nice long drink. It's only 6:30 now, and I'm already thirsty. I've been drinking about three liters of water a day for the past few weeks, so this might be a bit of a trial to not be able to drink anything until this afternoon. Ah well. I'm going in to work for a couple of hours, so hopefully that'll keep my mind off my thirst.

This morning on my walk with the dog, I saw many awesome things! The neighbors have a big organ pipe cactus in their front yard that is flowering. The saguaro, ocotillo, cholla and prickly pear have been blooming, too! It's gorgeous! There was a confused woodpecker pecking at the air conditioning unit on a house on my block, and it was making an unholy clanking sound--it made me wonder if it was waking the people who lived inside. It's a really gorgeous morning.

I know that I'm a bit old for this, but I could not resist buying myself an awesome lunchbox! It's a panda! Technically it's a two-tiered bento box, but that doesn't matter!

Finally, it is spirit week at school. Today is Hat Day, and so I am wearing Rasta cap, because I couldn't find my very awesome rhinestoned skull and crossbones "dead men tell no tales" hat from Disneyland. My son is wearing his horned viking helmet.

I fully expect today to be a good one! I hope everyone else's proves to be just as good!
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Yesterday was a nice day. It was my sister's birthday and we went to see my niece's new baby, Dylan. He's beautiful (though I may be biased). We cooed over him for a couple of hours then went shopping and had the (diet approved) lunch I packed. As much as I hate them, I broke down and bought a pair of flip flops. As often as I go for pedicures, it seemed prudent to have them on hand for when my toes aren't quite dry.

As mentioned, I got my haircut yesterday, and after styling it this morning, I have the urge to go back and kick the girl who cut it in the shins. I knew the bangs were way too short when I left, and that she'd taken off closer to two inches than one. I was not happy, but my hair grows pretty fast. The thing I didn't notice yesterday was that I have a random layer in my hair on ONE side that was not there before! What the heck? For today, a barrette is is my quick fix.

I also woke up this morning feeling gross. I have a scratchy throat and a runny nose. How many times can I get this cold? I swear that the school should implement a rule that kids the come to school with a cough must wear surgical masks. We had two girls in class coughing and hacking all of last week, and neither one of them could remember to cover their mouths. I predict that I am not going to be the only person with a cold at school today. *Medicates and packs tissues and sanitizer*

Other than that, life is good. The diet is going okay--it's not very exciting, but I don't want food to remain the focus of my life in the future. Especially in my family, we use food to reward, comfort, entertain, etc. I need to find other outlets and ways to spend my time than going to restaurants when I want a night out. I could probably easily buy a new pair of shoes or something else a month if I cut out my eating out budget. I have a feeling I'll be seeing a lot of movies in the future, too, to avoid the restaurant trap.

Anyway, I didn't mean to ramble on. I need to pack my kids' lunches and get out the door for work. I hope everyone else is having a great day!
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Does anyone on my flist have an invite or two to Pinterest that they can send my way?

more anime

Mar. 30th, 2011 01:36 pm
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I watched all of The Wallflower this weekend. It was...different. A little too much on the ridiculous side, and I didn't like the art, much. I get that the guys were supposed to be ridiculously gorgeous, but the art just made them look freakish. I would give it a 2 1/2 out of four stars, maybe.

Watched first episode of Lovely Complex which apparently also goes by Love Com? It was kind of cute, and I might watch a couple of more episodes to see if it grows on me any more. It's about a really tall girl and a really short guy who go to school together, and compete to find out who can get a boyfriend/girlfriend first. Of course they are in denial that they're perfect for each other. We'll see if it pans out.

Other than that, I am thinking of re-watching FMA Brotherhood. I am finishing up reading Ender's Game (which I have really been enjoying) and will be pulling out my reading wishlist tonight or tomorrow for my next book du jour.

Life has been...kinda boring, lately.
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So, I watched the entirety of the Vampire Knight anime this week. It was watchable, but when it was over, I found myself thinking, "Really? That's it?" It had more potential than I thought it lived up to, if that makes sense.

Tried watching Princess Tutu but couldn't get into it. I've heard great things about it, and had people recommend it, but didn't really like the first episode much. I might try it again, later.

In other news, yet ANOTHER one of my bikes was stolen. This is the sixth bike that has been stolen from my carport in the past couple of years. My bikes, the kids' bikes, my husband's ATV...all of them have been taken from our property in spite of padlocks, etc. Usually right after one of my neighbors hires someone to do work on their homes (painters, roofers, etc.). Interesting that they'd steal my cruiser that was locked to a post (they even took the lock), but not my kid's bike, that was NOT locked up, and worth a lot more money. I'm done. No more bikes for me. People suck, and I hope that whoever thinks it's okay to steal from others suffers immeasurable misfortune and pain in their lives.

I don't understand people AT ALL.


Mar. 22nd, 2011 01:27 pm
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I don't know what is up with me and anime lately. I can't seem to get enough of it. Over spring break I consumed the entirety of the Black Butler canon, and I am sad it is over. I love it! Dark, humorous (both gallows humor and straight-out silliness), disturbing and thoughtful on many levels. It is definitely not for children.

Basically it is a story about a boy named Ciel Phantomhive in Victorian England who makes a contract with a demon to get revenge on those who killed his parents, tortured him and sullied the family name. The demon takes human form and becomes Sebastian, the Phantomhive butler...and he's perfect at it, and not without some trials. The cast grows as the story progresses, but itsn't hard to follow. There are demons, spies, drug runners, opium dens, murderers, cults, princes, Queen Victoria, curry, shinigami, Scotland Yard, a World Expo and a lot more. has the first four episodes or so of the first season dubbed in English, but you can find subbed through Google, though some of them are hard to find. Hulu has the entire second season, though it's listed as Black Butler II and is listed as season one, even though it is a continuation of the story. The second season is seriously warped, but interesting. I didn't see the final conclusion until it was right in front of my face, and I am usually pretty good a predicting how things will end when I start a series.

I give it two thumbs up, and recommend it for anyone who likes their anime on the dark side.

Also, please suggest some good anime for me! I've already watched FMA and FMA Brotherhood, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, a bunch of Prince of Tennis, and bits and pieces of some shows that didn't catch my attention!

Now I need a Black Butler icon.
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Am I the only one who has suddenly been inundated with TONS of spam messages posted into their various journals? I'm getting tags on threads YEARS old that are just links to sites for medication and whatnot. It's really annoying!
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I really haven't had a lot to say, lately. I feel like I've been in a funk, and not very creative. I usually have SOMETHING creative going on, either in writing or hand crafts or baking or whatever, but right now, all I seem to want to do is read and watch anime. I've read four novels and watched two complete anime series (Ouran High School Host Club and Fruits Basket) plus 50+ episodes of another (Prince of Tennis) in the past three weeks.

The only RP pup that's being particularly loud is one that almost never gets tagged (Mallory Grace) when I give her an EP. I should probably tag out with her more, but then my insecurity kicks in, and I start thinking that if her EPs don't get tagged, then it's because no one wants to play with her, and I shouldn't inflict her on others. Am I the only one who does this?

Other than that, my health as been sort of MEH. I have been getting frequent headaches, which I think are caused by my vision. I am mostly blind in my right eye due to Optic Neuritis, and what I can see out of that eye is kind of like a grainy surveillance camera film: black and white and as if someone smeared grease over the lens of the camera. Because of this, my eye doesn't really focus on anything and tends to wander. I've been likened to a chameleon when this happens because I appear to be looking in two places at once. You can imagine what this does for my self esteem. My eye will wander, and I will get double vision and have trouble focusing on anything when I am especially tired or stressed out. Also...facial spasms! I have a nearly constant twitch in the brow above my right eye; I probably look like a junkie in need of a fix to those who take the time to watch my face at all. I would like this all to STOP, please.

I made an appointment with an ophthalmologist today, but they can't get me in until freaking APRIL 12th. I live in hope that my insurance will cover surgery that will tighten the muscle around my eye and keep it from wandering. In a perfect world, my insurance would also pay for botox injections to stop the facial spasms, but I'm almost afraid to ask if it's covered. I am planning on looking into my options on that one, as the twitching is maddening.

On top of that, I've gained an unacceptable amount of weight. It's my own fault for eating too much unhealthy crap on not exercising enough, but I really do need to get a grip. With my weight and my messed up eye problems, I feel like a troll and it's time do something positive with myself or get used to being unhappy. That's not really an option for me, so I had better get to work.

So, I guess I've been feeling a bit depressed, but I really don't want to go back on my anti depression meds, if I can avoid it.

That's my life in a nutshell, right now. Nothing overly thrilling, so I've just been keeping quiet instead of bitching about it constantly. I've vented, now and that should hold me for a good long while.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY[ profile] phelis_kougra!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY[ profile] phelis_kougra!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY[ profile] phelis_kougra!!!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] shinyhappygoth!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] shinyhappygoth!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] shinyhappygoth!!
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I got bored and started watching Ouran High School Host Club. This is incredibly hilarious, and I'm kind of in love with it, so far.
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Well, for good or bad, the first trailer for X-men: First Class is available. Here ya' go.

I'm kind of not really caring, because the movie has nothing to do with the First Class canon. At all. So...Meh.

tie dye!

Feb. 9th, 2011 02:18 pm
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This is my first attempt at tie dye's tad blurry because it's a camera phone, and the frosting got a bit squashed in the carrier, but the colors are neat, and the kids at school loved them!

Behind a cut, because it's kinda big and I didn't want to take up your whole friends page! )
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If this headache does not subside soon, my children are on their own for dinner. This day is just...fired. I don't even want a do-over, I just want it OVER. Bleh.
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The Bake for Hope event is coming up again in my area, and I am considering a few options for the types of cupcakes I want to make for donation/sale. This is for charity, so people are going to be willing to pay more than average for a cupcake, but I want them to get their money's worth.

There is:
Tie Dye cupcakes which are relatively easy to make.

Sea Monster Cupcakes Which are fairly labor intesive, but look AWESOME.

I don't know what to call these but they are cute and look easy enough.

Owls! These are nifty looking and while they might take a while, seem fairly easy...just a bit time consuming.

And so... a poll!

[Poll #1675301]


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