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I haven't seen anyone else on my flist mention this, but I thought it was interesting.

Last 'Harry Potter' Book Becomes 2 Films
Thursday March 13 5:50 AM ET

Harry Potter was the center of seven novels, but he'll star in eight films. The final book in the wildly successful series will be made into two films, the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday.

Producers are expected to announce Thursday that J.K. Rowling's last "Potter" installment, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," will be split into two parts on the big screen. The first film is slated for release in November 2010, with part two following in May 2011.

"It was born out of purely creative reasons," producer David Heyman told the Times. "Unlike every other book, you cannot remove elements of this book."

The two final "Potter" films will be shot concurrently, much like the blockbuster trilogy based on J.R.R. Tolkien's epic fantasy novel "The Lord of the Rings"

Another famous Tolkien tome, "The Hobbit" is also being split into two live-action movies set for back-to-back shooting to begin next year.

Filming on the sixth "Potter" flick, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," began in September.

"It's been brilliant," said star Daniel Radcliffe. "It's also, I think, the funniest of the films so far."

The "Potter" film franchise has pulled in $4.5 billion at the worldwide box office.

I am torn on this...because I think it is might be a good idea, but at the same time, they didn't take a lot of time or effort to be detail oriented about the first few films. Is this just a ploy to get us to fork over even more money into the whole franchise, or are they really going to make one Harry Potter film that lives up to the books?

Also...Daniel Radcliffe thinks HBP is the FUNNIEST film so far? WTF???
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I am so proud! My older son just finished book seven of the Harry Potter series! He read all seven books in under one year! Not bad for a nine/ten year old kid!


Jul. 21st, 2007 08:28 pm
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Finished the book. **Squee!**

All in all? I really really enjoyed it. I have some issues with it, but will not discuss them here, because I am not a spoiling meanie.

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Saw film. Liked it, for the most part. Kids in my bed, so sleeping on couch. Go boom now. Night!
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Well, I got about an hour an a half of sleep last night...and it wasn't enough. Ever have a headache so bad that you felt sick from it, and couldn't even sleep to escape that pain? Yeah. it's like that.

So far, have gotten 42 RSVPs for our Harry Potter party on the 16th. Anyone on my flist that is going to be in AZ then is welcome to come. Prizes, food, games...all catered at an Irish Pub in their party room. It should be awesome!

I have plans today to make sugar skulls, green suckers that look like the dark mark, and assorted other hard candies...if I am not asleep.

When hubby gets home from work, I shall brave the extreme heat and go stand in line for the midnight showing of the Harry Potter movie. Should I be a total geek and wear my cloak and hat?

I also need to brave Wal Mart today...though I am having trouble remembering why. It seemed vitally important to me to go there when I thought of it at two this morning. I'm sure I'll remember sooner or later.

Take care, all!
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My Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom is:
Sirius Black is arrested for selling Ritalin to the younger pupils during the Triwizard Tournament
Get your Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom

More spoilers behind the cut... )
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I have tennis elbow.

I never would have guessed that one, because usually when something is wrong with me, something is really WRONG with me. The doc told me it would go away on its own after about A YEAR, and gave me a script for pain pills for when it gets really really bad.

I got a couple of samples of Provigil to try for a couple of weeks. Lets hope that helps keep me awake better.

I forgot to ask about the Neuro, but I think I will call them anyway and set up an appointment to see if I even like the guy.

In other news-did anyone see that someone allegedly hacked into Bloomsbury computers so they could spoil the end for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Yeeeeeeeah. Well, being a big sucker, I risked it, and read what they had to say about it....

What a crock. The person (who I am guessing does not speak English as their native language) is obviously a crackpot. I might have been more convinced if they had shown scans of the pages or whatever, or if it had even made sense. They claim they did it because the Pope says the books are evil (or something to that effect) and that he was posting his summary of the ending to make buying the book boring and pointless, so no one would buy it.


I won't say what their supposed spoilers are, because people are sensitive about that sort of thing...but I can say with a fair amount of confidence that this person sounds like a nutjob.

Other than that, not much to report...except that there is a bee in my house that I am going to have to hunt down and kill momentarily.

Have a good day, everybody!
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So! I am starting to get psyched about my upcoming Harry Potter party in July. For those of you who live in, or will be visiting AZ at that time (Though why you would come here in July is beyond me), you are most certainly welcome to come. I will be choosing a date soon, and making arrangements with the Pub for the party room and such very soon, I think.

I placed an order the other night from this site:

I went nuts with candy molds and candy flavoring oils. I am going to make a lot of candies for Honeydukes- some hard candies, and some chocolate, and maybe (if I can figure out how) some gummies. It will be interesting to see how everything turns out...I will start experimenting once my order arrives. I guess I should buy a candy thermometer, huh?
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I <3 my new icon. I made it, myself!! **hugs self** It's hard to tell, but he has a little X men belt buckle on.

I took my new prescription for Adderall today, to help combat fatigue due to my MS, and let me tell you something! I am AWAKE, despite having had only five hours of sleep last night. I also started my new diet, and am going to keep a log of everything I eat, and the calories therein.

My weight loss formula under here, if anyone cares. )
I am currently working on making a wand (ala Harry Potter) for [ profile] lai_lore, because I loves her!! I will try to take pics of it before I send it out, because I think it is looking pretty good! I am using a very pointy bit on my dremmel tool to hand carve/etch a pretty design into the base.

In about an hour and a half, I am going to be taking my son to scouts where he will compete in the Pinewood Derby...he has a new car this year, so keep your fingers crossed that he will do better then last year, when we had NO clue what we were doing. He came in dead last, but won the good sport award (which is really sad, though I was proud of him for his attitude).

Lastly, I leave you with two stupid jokes, both of which made me giggle:

Q: How to billboards talk to each other?
A: They use Sign Language!

Q: What is a seal's favorite subject?

Have a good one, everybody! *hugs*


Feb. 7th, 2007 09:53 pm
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SO! My sister took me to Molly Brannign’s for lunch for my birthday, and it’s a really nice place! It’s done up like an Irish pub, and the food was pretty good. The atmosphere was fun and homey, so I.inquired about “The Wexford Room”—a separate little meeting room they have there—as a possibility for our last Harry Potter party.

Our parties have really had good attendance in the past. We have done them at my sister’s house in an open house style, with people coming and going as they can or want. It has been getting to be a lot of work and stress, though, and over the course of the night, we’ve had about 75 people in all show up.

We have food and door prizes and goodie bags and such, and play trivia games and just hang out and mingle.

We talked to the manager/chef guy, and he was really, really nice. There would be no charge for the room if we order a buffet-style appetizer spread from them, and have it any night but Friday or Saturday.

They will let us decorate to our heart’s content, and even set up our usual Honeydukes with candy we bring in. They will even let us hook up a laptop and show movies on a big screen in the room.

So – Potter fans! Your opinion, please!

[Poll #922978]
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Those of you on my flist with no interest Harry Potter or drabbles/shorts pertaining to the Harry Potter books will probably want to skip over this entry.

I was given prompts by Ben and [ profile] brendanm720 to write shorts for (I can't really call them drabbles, because I didn't keep track of any word count).

I didn't get all of them done, but here's what I wrote so far: )

That's it. I'm not completely satisfied with them, but I am not going to fuss with them again either, so...there you have it.

Link of the day:


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