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Yesterday, my kids’ school had a book fair, which was buy one, get one free! Oh, my God, you guys! I spent early a hundred dollars!! They had software, too, so I got TWO of the SIMS complete collection, a CIV CITY Rome (You can build Rome and protect, beautify, farm, and fill it with people and culture! It looks awesome!!), and a collection of games with Boggle, Hangman, Upwords, etc. I also got a few books. *sheepish*

My son’s little play went well…well, it was adorable, at least. They all forgot their lines at least once, the props were a little wobbly, and the music cues were off. It was very entertaining, and the kids put a lot of work into it. I am going to buy the DVD they’re making from it, so I can burn copies for my family.

Last night (early this morning) at 1:30, my dog needed to go out, so I let her out back, and waited by the door for her to do her business, so I could lock the back door and go back to bed. Well, on the way back into the house, she decided to stop and investigate the hole beneath our shed where a stray cat had had kittens. Oy. The mother cat attacked Sadie and chased her all over the yard. She wouldn’t back off until I came and scared her off, and took the dog inside.

The commotion woke my husband (and probably a couple of neighbors), and he went to investigate, and the mama cat came after him, too. My husband doesn’t put up with that crap, and stuck the hose in the hole they’ve been living in, and turned it on. His reasoning is that the cat could have rabies, or something, and if it will attack the dog and a full grown adult, it could seriously hurt one of our kids.

Evidently the rabbit we used to have living under there dug a hell of a burrow, because it took over an hour to fill it up. My husband said that the mother came bolting out and took off running at one point, and he saw at least one kitten after he’d blocked up the main entrance hole, so there must be a back way out of there. I hope the kittens didn’t drown, and that the mother came and took them away somewhere else, but they are wild cats, so they likely wouldn’t have been able to be anyone’s pets. If I thought that the kittens could have been salvaged, I might have made an attempt to nurse them myself until they were old enough for homes, but I don’t think the mother would have allowed it.

My father in law brought by a cat trap this morning, and we are going to try to catch the mother and her mate (who also hangs around, I guess). We can take them to the city dump/landfill and let them loose there, to live happily on mice, roaches, lizards and the like. I don’t know if they still do, but the landfill workers used to encourage this, when people would call to ask if they needed cats down there.

School is out after next Thursday. I am going to be the room mother for the last day of school party in my son’s first grade class. It is going to have a pirate theme, so I am going to be busy making eye patches out of fun foam or felt, or whatever, and finding fun little trinkets for “booty” and getting games ready. I also promised snow cones, so it should be a lot of fun.
That’s pretty much all the rambling I have for now. Hope everyone is doing well!
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A short story by Jared (they were given the first words as a prompt). He brought this home from school.

Meanwhile…back at school a plan landdid in the feld. Annamls came out and atke evrone exet me they like me.

Translation: A plan landed in the field. Animals came out and attacked everyone except me. They Like me.

I wish I had a scanner, so I could also post the picture he drew! It really brings the story to life there is a plane, and someone running screaming from a charging bull. XD! Not too bad for a first grader who hates to write. The page is now on my refrigerator, where it shall stay until he comes up with something cuter.
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I was scrubbing down my kitchen in preparation for the Great Nut Roasting and Glazing Experiment, when I heard my son (home sick from school) singing in the next room. The only word I caught was “Santa,” and I thought to myself, How cute! He’s getting into the Christmas spirit!

So, I crept over to the doorway to listen, only to hear the other words of the song:

Bow down! Bow down!
Before the power of Santa!
Or be crushed! Be crushed!
By his jolly boots of DOOM!

Thank you SO much, Nickelodeon, for what is sure to become a classic carol that my child has now has memorized. *wipes tear* I’m so proud!
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This morning, while driving my kids to school Jared (the one who thought hell=Canada) saw one of his classmates walking to school. He sighed deeply and said, “There’s Felicity. She looks fabulous in green!”

He’s such a little charmer, I swear. He’s constantly telling woman that they look very beautiful…and it doesn’t matter what shape, coloring or nationality they are, really. I hope he really does see beauty in people, and isn’t just turning into an Eddie Haskel.


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