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cut for long account of family doings )

And because it's been a while, have a fun link!
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A short story by Jared (they were given the first words as a prompt). He brought this home from school.

Meanwhile…back at school a plan landdid in the feld. Annamls came out and atke evrone exet me they like me.

Translation: A plan landed in the field. Animals came out and attacked everyone except me. They Like me.

I wish I had a scanner, so I could also post the picture he drew! It really brings the story to life there is a plane, and someone running screaming from a charging bull. XD! Not too bad for a first grader who hates to write. The page is now on my refrigerator, where it shall stay until he comes up with something cuter.
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My husband is asleep in bed, and my son comes in and says, “Dad?”

His voice is quiet, but I give him the mom “look” telling him without words that he shouldn’t wake his father.

Dad makes a noise that sounds like “Hmmm?” though it really means, ’I am unconscious, leave me alone.’

Jared looks back at me, then keeps going. “Dad? Will buy Robert a quad*? He really wants one!”

My husband makes an indeterminate noise, and I say, “Jared, don’t ask your father for promises while he is asleep – it’s not fair!”

“FINE!” Jared stomps from room, evil plot foiled (again).

Dad makes grunting/snoring/oblivious noise. Mom rolls her eyes.

*A quad is a four-wheel all-terrain motorized bike, like this. They are pretty powerful, and relatively expensive. We already own two: and adult size and a child sized one that Robert has outgrown. We have recently discussed buying one or two more so that we each have one to ride on out outings.

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