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Feb. 20th, 2008 08:05 pm
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I spent yesterday pounding the pavement and going from business to business trying to charm people out of free stuff for our school carnival raffle. Met some very nice people who promised to see what they can do. I was gratified to find three free sessions in a batting cage, three free rounds of mini golf, and three $15 gift cards for a local BBQ restaurant! So far we have some really nice raffle prizes, but not nearly as many as last year. Things have been tight all over with the economy.

Last night was the first public hearing about saving the elementary school my kids go to from closing. I think it went really well, and that we brought up some issues that the panel had not considered. We had some very articulate and passionate people speak, and only two complete nut jobs that (while entertaining) did not really help our cause. The main thing we have going for us is that we have close to 140 special needs kids attending our school, and moving them all to a new facility would be extremely costly and traumatic for the kids. The two other schools they want to divide the kids into are ill suited to providing the excellent Special Education classes that our school provides. One of the schools has NO Special Ed program at all, and many staircases it would be impossible for some of the kids to navigate; the other school has a single autism class that was only implemented this past year.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Today I spent copying and sending our fliers for neighborhood distribution about the remaining hearings, and about the PTO meeting tomorrow after school. Then I took my doggie to the vet and learned that she probably will need hip replacement in the future to the tune of $6000.00 to $12000 dollars - that we cannot afford, and that my husband will not pay. In the meantime we keep her comfortable and on pain meds and canine glucosamine.

I went to the comic store for the first time in two weeks and got Ultimate X-men, X-Force #1 and the most recent X-Factor. I must say that I used to love Ultimate X-men, but am not really enjoying it as much anymore, as it is getting too angst. X-Force looks promising, if incredibly violent (not always a bad thing); I can’t say for certain if I will continue to buy the title, but for now it’s on my pull list at the comic store. X-Factor used to be one of my least favorite titles WAY back before I took a ten year hiatus from comics, I am really enjoying it now. I LOVE Layla Miller--She knows stuff.

Other than that? Life continues much the same as it always does. Not enough hours in the day, not enough sleep, not enough desire to do laundry and clean the house., and not enough money to hire a maid.

I always feel like everyone else on my flist leads a much more interesting life than I do.


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I really haven't been updating much, other than silly memes or links. I have been busy now that the school year has started (I think I said this before), and will probably BE busy for the foreseeable future.

Today, I went to the school and sent out two separate flyers to parents about an upcoming PTO meeting and a Pizza Hut fund raising night, when we encourage everyone to clog their arteries in the name of better educational tools. I also went and visited one of the ladies from church I was supposed to, and mailed a shipment of cell phones to the recycling place for a fund raiser from last year. I set up four more fund raising events with restaurants for the next couple of months, as we try to have two per pizza, and one actual go-to-a-place-and-sit-down with a waitress and stuff kind of place. It's served us well in the past.

Tonight was Curriculum Night at the school, where parents came without their children to see the classrooms, and to get a good idea of what their children would be learning. It was nice to get the info and meet the teachers and stuff, even though I already know most of them. I signed up two new families for the PTO, and sold a couple of t-shirts, so that was nice, too!

Tomorrow is another insanely busy day, where I am going to go visit a woman from church, pick up Lai and do some running around, pick up the kids, take the turtle to the vet, hang out at home for a bit with Lai and maybe watch a movie, and at some point, go grocery shopping. Also? My tweezers have gone mysteriously missing, and I need to get another pair.

Robert also has his first cello lesson tomorrow, and he's really excited about it. The cello was delivered yesterday, and he just sat and admired it for a while. I hope he takes to it, because sometimes I worry that the poor boy takes after my father, who was tone deaf.

I also have about a bazillion loads of laundry to catch up on, but that is nothing new.

Not getting enough sleep, but have been having a great time with my RP, both at Milliways and at my new game over on GJ. PSSSST--why haven't you all joined yet? It's awesome!

And tonight me and Lai did the happydance, because I figured out how to put tags in the sidebar at the new game's main page, and Lai figured out how to make them show up in indiviual posts. Now all we have to do is find out why we can't edit entries at all, and we will be GOLDEN.

Other than that, life continues apace...things are good, if a little hectic. Hope everyone out there is doing well!

Link of the day:

I don't know if this really works, but if it does? Sweeeet.
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Well, I got about an hour an a half of sleep last night...and it wasn't enough. Ever have a headache so bad that you felt sick from it, and couldn't even sleep to escape that pain? Yeah. it's like that.

So far, have gotten 42 RSVPs for our Harry Potter party on the 16th. Anyone on my flist that is going to be in AZ then is welcome to come. Prizes, food, games...all catered at an Irish Pub in their party room. It should be awesome!

I have plans today to make sugar skulls, green suckers that look like the dark mark, and assorted other hard candies...if I am not asleep.

When hubby gets home from work, I shall brave the extreme heat and go stand in line for the midnight showing of the Harry Potter movie. Should I be a total geek and wear my cloak and hat?

I also need to brave Wal Mart today...though I am having trouble remembering why. It seemed vitally important to me to go there when I thought of it at two this morning. I'm sure I'll remember sooner or later.

Take care, all!
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I am going to the doctor in the morning, to see if I can't pinpoint the cause of my pain. I suspect it is MS related, but I think it would be easier to check for arthritis or whatever first, before we go for the MRIs and stuff. I can't wait for treatment any longer, since I can barely move my left arm without searing pain, and a lot of my other joints are aching.

To be honest, I can't even remember the name of the neurologist I was seeing before, and didn't feel any big connection with her. I have done some research online to find a neuro covered by my plan, and will ask my doctor about my choice while I am there tomorrow. I need someone I have some sort of rapport with, and looked for the ones most recommended by my plan (meaning that they have actually been checked out). I won't go to Dr. Killian again, since he is the one who completely botched my spinal tap when I was first presenting symptoms. (He did it in his office exam room and had the wrong sized needle, and tool THIRTEEN tries to get a sample that he said he was not happy with because there was blood in it.) After the last time I saw him, I was so traumatized, that I didn't go to another neuro until I had another major episode.

Anyway, I am not sure whether to hope it is arthritis or MS or something else all together. Either one would suck, and I don't know how they would treat either one.

Also, my fatigue is out of control, even with the Adderall that I've been taking. I have extreme trouble staying awake during the day, no matter how well I sleep the night before. I often nap for two or three hours and feel drugged all the time. Another unfortunate symptom of MS that gets worse with the heat. I got excited today, because this is the third day in a row that I didn't take a nap at all, then felt depressed, because it's sad that that is a major accomplishment for me.

After my appointment, I may be sitting around waiting for x-rays or something...I don't know. I am hoping it's a simple fix, and that I don't have to have a huge dose of Solumedrol and course of Prednisone to try and get it under control...steroids have the worst effect on me.

Anyway, that is enough whining.
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Total weight loss to date: 15 lbs.

I haven't been around much in the past few days, have I? I have been spending a lot of time at my sister's house, just hanging out. Also, my sister has an awesome craft room of awesomeness, and so, in the past couple of days, I have been working on one of my altered books, and really enjoying creating things with my hands, again. It's been too long since I really made anything.

Other than that, I have been living on to little sleep and too much laundry. I have been making mental lists for my trip to Tennessee to visit my friends, Arwen (whom I have known since seventh grade) and [ profile] lai_lore (whom I have never met in person, but am very excited to be doing so, soon). I will be moving into my written lists very soon, I am sure.

I have also been trying to get up to Chino Valley to visit my friend Alicia (Hi, Alicia!!), but in typical Amy fashion, have been unable to find a good time when we are both free. Hopefully, once her kids are out of school, it will be easier, because I won't have to wait for a weekend.

Other than that? Not too much is going on. I spent this morning weed whacking the back yard (and cutting my legs up in the process), but I ran out of weed eating cord, so had to settle for raking and stuff. I am on a break right now, but will be going back out momentarily to move the raked stuff to the compost heap.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the U.S., and know that those of you with loved ones who are fighting in the war, or with those who have fallen in past wars and in defense of our country; you have my undying thanks and pride.

On a completely random and unrelated note that I am going to call the Link of the day: DID YOU SEE THIS? HOLY MOLEY!!!!! BBQ, anyone?
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Yesterday, my kids’ school had a book fair, which was buy one, get one free! Oh, my God, you guys! I spent early a hundred dollars!! They had software, too, so I got TWO of the SIMS complete collection, a CIV CITY Rome (You can build Rome and protect, beautify, farm, and fill it with people and culture! It looks awesome!!), and a collection of games with Boggle, Hangman, Upwords, etc. I also got a few books. *sheepish*

My son’s little play went well…well, it was adorable, at least. They all forgot their lines at least once, the props were a little wobbly, and the music cues were off. It was very entertaining, and the kids put a lot of work into it. I am going to buy the DVD they’re making from it, so I can burn copies for my family.

Last night (early this morning) at 1:30, my dog needed to go out, so I let her out back, and waited by the door for her to do her business, so I could lock the back door and go back to bed. Well, on the way back into the house, she decided to stop and investigate the hole beneath our shed where a stray cat had had kittens. Oy. The mother cat attacked Sadie and chased her all over the yard. She wouldn’t back off until I came and scared her off, and took the dog inside.

The commotion woke my husband (and probably a couple of neighbors), and he went to investigate, and the mama cat came after him, too. My husband doesn’t put up with that crap, and stuck the hose in the hole they’ve been living in, and turned it on. His reasoning is that the cat could have rabies, or something, and if it will attack the dog and a full grown adult, it could seriously hurt one of our kids.

Evidently the rabbit we used to have living under there dug a hell of a burrow, because it took over an hour to fill it up. My husband said that the mother came bolting out and took off running at one point, and he saw at least one kitten after he’d blocked up the main entrance hole, so there must be a back way out of there. I hope the kittens didn’t drown, and that the mother came and took them away somewhere else, but they are wild cats, so they likely wouldn’t have been able to be anyone’s pets. If I thought that the kittens could have been salvaged, I might have made an attempt to nurse them myself until they were old enough for homes, but I don’t think the mother would have allowed it.

My father in law brought by a cat trap this morning, and we are going to try to catch the mother and her mate (who also hangs around, I guess). We can take them to the city dump/landfill and let them loose there, to live happily on mice, roaches, lizards and the like. I don’t know if they still do, but the landfill workers used to encourage this, when people would call to ask if they needed cats down there.

School is out after next Thursday. I am going to be the room mother for the last day of school party in my son’s first grade class. It is going to have a pirate theme, so I am going to be busy making eye patches out of fun foam or felt, or whatever, and finding fun little trinkets for “booty” and getting games ready. I also promised snow cones, so it should be a lot of fun.
That’s pretty much all the rambling I have for now. Hope everyone is doing well!
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Good grief! This week, between my husband, my kids, and myself we have spent $175 in doctor’s fees and prescriptions, and that is WITH really good insurance! ‘Tis the season.

Both kids have the croup, of all things! And of course, Robert’s triggered his athsma, so he’s back on steroids, an inhaler and Singulair tablets. Yikes. Poor kid’s also having around the clock breathing treatments.

So, I am a bit bleary eyed, but still relatively calm and in control. I will be having the kids home with me for the next day or two, though, so the cabin fever is bound to set in soon, as well as the sibling rivalry for Mom’s attention.

I sense an early bedtime for my children in the near future!
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That’s why I only got three hours in fifteen to twenty minute stretches last night!

Ugh. Both of my children are sick today. I’m pretty sure it is bad allergies, but Robert has been wheezing terribly, and I’ve been up giving him breathing treatments every two hours. I think the field trip to the Riparian Preserve was too much for him. All of the plants were shooting out pollen and whatnot, and the paths were very dry and dusty.

Jared has a runny nose, and a dry barking type cough. He lost his voice yesterday, which was a kind of nice side effect, but over all not a good thing.

Looks like we’re headed for the Pediatrician today.


The kids are in good spirits, now that they know I am not sending them to school. Imagine that. They are watching Dora the Explorer which they are way to old to learn anything from)right now, and mocking the characters and plot with enthusiasm.

It's going to be a long day. I hope I have time for a nap at some point.

Edit: I did manage to get out all of my christmas card package things mailed yesterday, so if you get a little padded bubble wrap mailer envelope from Arizona, it's from me, and not anything more dangerous than well wishes and a piece of handcrafted jewelry!


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