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I don't care what the calender says--when it is close to 100F outside, it is summer. I know it's summer, because the fatigue is already kicking in, as happens to me when the temperatures go up. In the winter, I often take a diet pill in the late morning to keep me going and awake, and STILL need a nap in the afternoon. In the summer, I can take TWO diet pills, and still need a nap an hour later. Anyway--if I am seeming flaky or lazy, it's probably just the TIRED taking over.

Stupid Multiple Sclerosis.

For those of you who play at Chaos Cube: Insane Journal is down, and may be down for a day or two more. Some idiot at their server hosting company deleted their servers or something. Being the most technically challenged person in the known universe, that is about as well as I can explain it. Yes, it should be back up ASAP, and our game should be able to continue on as before with no problems. ETA: Apparently someone is working feverishly, because they think it could be up within the hour!

My kitchen is a mess right now, and I will be devoting a portion of my day to scrubbing it down, hopefully. The pantry is all out of order and stuff, and I have the urge to empty it out and reorganize so I can FIND stuff. I also have several loads of laundry to do, as usual, and one of the ladies from church to visit. I am supposed to visit three a month, and forgot on Monday to visit the one, so my partner went alone. I've got one today and one tomorrow. We are only supposed to stay for about twenty minutes per person, but my partner tends to stay at each one for at least an hour, no matter how I try to hurry things along. I wouldn't mind so much, be she sets the appointments for right in the middle of the day, and it kind of throws the rest of my day off.

Also, while I am bitching about stuff: WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH WATERMELONS THIS YEAR??? I have bought several, and I know it is early in the season, but they have all been awful! The seedless ones have seeds, and the fruit has been really bland. I am disappointed.

That is all I can think of to complain about today. Have a fun link, for putting up with me:

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I have tennis elbow.

I never would have guessed that one, because usually when something is wrong with me, something is really WRONG with me. The doc told me it would go away on its own after about A YEAR, and gave me a script for pain pills for when it gets really really bad.

I got a couple of samples of Provigil to try for a couple of weeks. Lets hope that helps keep me awake better.

I forgot to ask about the Neuro, but I think I will call them anyway and set up an appointment to see if I even like the guy.

In other news-did anyone see that someone allegedly hacked into Bloomsbury computers so they could spoil the end for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Yeeeeeeeah. Well, being a big sucker, I risked it, and read what they had to say about it....

What a crock. The person (who I am guessing does not speak English as their native language) is obviously a crackpot. I might have been more convinced if they had shown scans of the pages or whatever, or if it had even made sense. They claim they did it because the Pope says the books are evil (or something to that effect) and that he was posting his summary of the ending to make buying the book boring and pointless, so no one would buy it.


I won't say what their supposed spoilers are, because people are sensitive about that sort of thing...but I can say with a fair amount of confidence that this person sounds like a nutjob.

Other than that, not much to report...except that there is a bee in my house that I am going to have to hunt down and kill momentarily.

Have a good day, everybody!
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I am going to the doctor in the morning, to see if I can't pinpoint the cause of my pain. I suspect it is MS related, but I think it would be easier to check for arthritis or whatever first, before we go for the MRIs and stuff. I can't wait for treatment any longer, since I can barely move my left arm without searing pain, and a lot of my other joints are aching.

To be honest, I can't even remember the name of the neurologist I was seeing before, and didn't feel any big connection with her. I have done some research online to find a neuro covered by my plan, and will ask my doctor about my choice while I am there tomorrow. I need someone I have some sort of rapport with, and looked for the ones most recommended by my plan (meaning that they have actually been checked out). I won't go to Dr. Killian again, since he is the one who completely botched my spinal tap when I was first presenting symptoms. (He did it in his office exam room and had the wrong sized needle, and tool THIRTEEN tries to get a sample that he said he was not happy with because there was blood in it.) After the last time I saw him, I was so traumatized, that I didn't go to another neuro until I had another major episode.

Anyway, I am not sure whether to hope it is arthritis or MS or something else all together. Either one would suck, and I don't know how they would treat either one.

Also, my fatigue is out of control, even with the Adderall that I've been taking. I have extreme trouble staying awake during the day, no matter how well I sleep the night before. I often nap for two or three hours and feel drugged all the time. Another unfortunate symptom of MS that gets worse with the heat. I got excited today, because this is the third day in a row that I didn't take a nap at all, then felt depressed, because it's sad that that is a major accomplishment for me.

After my appointment, I may be sitting around waiting for x-rays or something...I don't know. I am hoping it's a simple fix, and that I don't have to have a huge dose of Solumedrol and course of Prednisone to try and get it under control...steroids have the worst effect on me.

Anyway, that is enough whining.
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Sadie graduated today from her intermediate training class!! Hooray! She also got a booster shot, which I thought she'd be freaked out about, but didn't even notice getting.

Now all that's left is to find a time and place to get her the AKC Canine Good Citizenship test! If she passes that, then she should qualify to be Therapy Dog, and I should be able to take her to hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, and special ed classrooms. I really hope she passes--they are very strict about the rules for it.

Other than that, I have a TON of laundry to do, and the house needs cleaning, and I need to dig a huge hole in the back yard...which leads me to:

Father's Day is tomorrow. I went and bought my husband a tree for our backyard for his gift We planted a tree for Robert when he was little, and one for Jared a couple of years after that, and now My husband will have his own tree. I got a relatively mature one, so it shouldn't die. He has planted three or four ficus trees that have all met speedy demises. This time I got him a Sisso, which we already have one of, and it grows very quickly, and very well in our yard.

I don't know how I am going to get the tree into the back yard, though. I got it out of the back of the truck and into a wheel barrow, but apparently it weighs too much, because the tires went flat, and I don't want to push it like that, or it will ruin the wheels all together, if they aren't all ready. I may have to just dig the hole, and let him help me move it tomorrow, when he gets home. I had hoped to have it planted by the time he saw it, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen, unless there is some sort of divine intervention in the next few hours.

For those of you who don't know it my own father passed away over ten years ago from complications related to him Multiple Sclerosis. I will be thinking of him, as I often do, and hopefully laugh with my sisters over some of our favorite memories of him.

If you have a father that you love, I hope you have a happy day tomorrow. If your mother raised you single handedly, wish her a happy father's day as well--she played both roles, so should get to celebrate both mother's and father's day.

That is pretty much all I have to report. Hope everyone is doing well.

Love you all! **hugs**
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Well, I went and got my eyes examined, and aside from getting reading/computer/close work glasses, the Dr. thinks I need vision therapy, as well. He would also like me to see a naturopathic doctor about my MS and see what sorts of nutritional and vitamin advice he has to offer. I don’t know what that really has to do with my vision, other than the MS having blinded me in one eye, but he seemed very sure that this other Dr. could help me immensely.

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That’s all for now.

Link of the day:

BTW - Does anyone on my f'list want/need a US size 12 (I think) wedding dress? It's about 15 years old. The color is candlelight - not white. It is free to whomever can use it, all I ask is that you pay shipping. Someone who is canny with needle and thread might be able to do something fun with it. It has short sleeves and a chapel length train that buttons up into a bustle. Let me know if you want more info on it.


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