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So, Trixie went to the vet yesterday. Skip this if you have no interest in the lives of my turtles, because it's all about turtle stuff.

That was an adventure! I lost the lid to the box thingie I usually transport my little guys in, and so I just took her in a tall plastic box. One that I discovered she could climb out of, while I was driving. I got to hold a pissed off turtle with very sharp claws all the way to the vet.

She was an unhappy girl, but behaved pretty well. She had a lot of flake-age on her shell, but Dr. Driggers did not seem overly concerned about it, other then that there was algae under some of the layers. He used a dental pick to gently flake loose layers away, and I must say that a LOT came off, in my opinion, but she looks much better, now.

He agreed that she was swimming crookedly (listing to the right), and gave her a shot of anti-biotic. *sigh* She did NOT enjoy that, and the sound of her snapping was really loud. I am dreading giving her the remaining shots on my own. She is very strong, and I have a feeling I am going to get bitten. The first one I have to give her is tomorrow, and then every other day for twelve more days after that.

He examined her further and made sure there was no eggs inside of her. He showed me how to check, and I was surprised that Trixie let him do it, but he stuck his index fingers up under her shell just in front of her hind legs and felt around in there. He said I would feel small round lumps in there if she had eggs. I don't know that I would check that on my own, unless I thought she was sick or bound our something.

We have been over feeding her, but she was not overly fat or anything, so he said no harm done...the last owners probably did not keep her under proper lighting, and so that was why her shell was so flaky and now that she has the UVB light, she should be a lot better. That and she is growing quickly from the over feeding. I think the boys have been feeding her extra because she begs shamelessly for food, and eats like she has been starving for days. He told me what portion size to give her (about the size or her heads' worth of pellets), and said that it was all right to give her greens every day. I put some in this morning, be she seems unimpressed with them; she shredded a bit, and is now using it to hide under.

Anyway, she is on her road to recovery. The doc encouraged the outdoor pond we were planning for the back yard ASAP for the best environment for all the turtles. I am only worried that she and Godzilla will breed, and I won't find the eggs before I have tons of bebe turtles running around.

This is Trixie, taken about a month ago. )


Feb. 16th, 2007 08:41 pm
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Here are some pictures of the turtles I took with my new camera!

The red eared slider in the water is Godzilla, and the one I am holding is Torkle. They were both the same size when we first got them, but Torkel (a River Cooter) is noticeably larger, now. We may eventually have to separate them, but for now they are happy together.

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Aren't they adorable? The pics of them in the water are a little fuzzy because their "tank" is a sheer plastic, not glass. The water isn't really murky at all. They are going to need a larger tank soon, but that also means a better heater, and a more powerful filter and whatnot, and I want to do my homework on that, first.

In other news, my sons are both back at school and we are all getting over the crud we had. I went to the zoo with the first graders today as a chaperon for their field trip, and was in charge of five kids - it was a lot of fun! I had to hurry back to the school to do two Art Masterpiece presentations for the third grade. I showed Flowers and Pears by Paul Cezanne to one class, and Boys in a Pasture by Winslow Homer to the other.

I must say - I don't know how much the kids are learning from these presentations, but I am learning loads! I really love it!

That's all for now!


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