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Feb. 7th, 2007 09:53 pm
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SO! My sister took me to Molly Brannign’s for lunch for my birthday, and it’s a really nice place! It’s done up like an Irish pub, and the food was pretty good. The atmosphere was fun and homey, so I.inquired about “The Wexford Room”—a separate little meeting room they have there—as a possibility for our last Harry Potter party.

Our parties have really had good attendance in the past. We have done them at my sister’s house in an open house style, with people coming and going as they can or want. It has been getting to be a lot of work and stress, though, and over the course of the night, we’ve had about 75 people in all show up.

We have food and door prizes and goodie bags and such, and play trivia games and just hang out and mingle.

We talked to the manager/chef guy, and he was really, really nice. There would be no charge for the room if we order a buffet-style appetizer spread from them, and have it any night but Friday or Saturday.

They will let us decorate to our heart’s content, and even set up our usual Honeydukes with candy we bring in. They will even let us hook up a laptop and show movies on a big screen in the room.

So – Potter fans! Your opinion, please!

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