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Update on the psychopathic secretary: I went into the office this morning to warn Mark (the principal) that she would be calling to tattle on me, and he was already chuckling as soon as she saw me. She left THREE urgent messages for him last night before she got a hold of him and complained for a half an hour.

I am going to have to tell her that we will find a new secretary, because I can't have her complaining to Mark constantly for something he isn't even involved in. *sigh*

In other news, it is TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY! I don't know if there is an online pirate translator or not, but there should be!!


There was a single blue line of crayon drawn across every wall in the house. What does it mean? I said. A pirate needs the sight of the sea, he said & then he pulled his eye patch down & turned and sailed away.
-Brian Andreas, The Story People

Link of the dayRemember WORLD JUMP DAY? Well, the results are in!
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Okay – so today has been a long day, but it has flown past….does that make sense?

I went to my kids’ school to volunteer to help with picture day. I love to see all the kids in their cute clothes, with their hair all done up… Then there is that one kid in every class whose parents obviously forgot (or didn’t care) that it was picture day, and that kid looks like they rolled to school in a big ol’ empty tire, then got dragged through a hedge backward. Thank God for retake day, eh?

I swear one girl’s braids were so tight that she looked Asian (she’s not).

Our school is also a hub for special education and special needs kids, so they get bussed to us from all over the area every day. Many of them seem to seriously FEAR having their picture taken. Ironically, I have noticed that the parents of these children tend to pay the most, and get the largest packages of pictures available. Not to morbid or anything, but it makes me wonder if it is because many of these children will likely die a lot earlier than people without their disabilities, and they want to preserve their memories a little more than other parents do.

In between classes being brought down, I got to make 1000 photocopies to put in the teachers boxes for announcements to be sent home with their kids…Send in your Boxtops for Education, Campbell’s labels for education! PTO meeting this Thursday! That sort of thing, which is my job now, as PTO President.

BTW – if those of you on my flist would like to start saving General Mills Boxtops for Education (found on stuff like cereal, fruit snacks, cake mixes, etc), I would gladly take them off of your hands. Let me know, and I will e-mail you my address! *Insert puppy dog eyes here*

After pictures were done, I had just enough time to run to the pharmacy, Trader Joes, and Taco Bell before going back to the school to pick up my kids. BTW – Trader Joes sells already shelled pomegranate seeds!!

I got home and called and FINALLY got my kid’s birthday party booked. Not for when I originally wanted it, but it’s okay.

Then I got a call from my new PTO secretary – who is apparently a psychopath. She yelled at me for ten minutes because I scheduled the PTO meeting for Thursday night, when I (apparently) KNEW SHE COULDN’T BE THERE OMFG! Long story short, she is going to tell on me. To the principal. Heeheeheehee. I told her the principal (who adores me) had nothing to with how the PTO is run or when meetings are held. But she is STILL GOING TO TELL HIM!!!!1!11!!!nineminuseightequalsone!!!


I think I’m going to be looking for a new secretary. Like FAST. This is the woman who needed explicit instructions on how to get to the bank from her house. It was less than two miles away (and no, she is not new to the area), and when we got there, she tells me, “Oh! This is my bank! That I bank at!”


Anyway, I also got an invitation flier made for Jared’s birthday party, and another one to send home to parents for a fundraiser coming up. So my to-do list is slowly, but surely dwindling.

I have a headache. I wonder why.

Wow! I didn't mean to prattle on for so long.

Link of the day Cow Maze! I think I posted this a year or so ago...probably more. I just rediscovered the joy of playing it, and thought I'd share again.

Also? I would eternally love anyone who can make me an animated icon of the cow dancing when she finishes a level.


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