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Seriously! I'm going to Disneyland in February! Technically, it's after my birthday, but it's within two weeks! I've won an auction for a bunch of random trading pins on eBay, so I won't go broke buying some to trade once I get there. I might bid on's kind of addicting. I'm really excited to be going, but my kids are bummed because I am not taking them. I can't afford to take them, and my sister and I can use they 'away' time, and she pays her own way. I'll get over my guilt once I buy them souvenirs.

Other than that, life has been busy, but boring. I still haven't found time to play at Milliways, and am in kind of a funk with my characters. I am toying with the idea of aging Bobby up and bringing him current with canon. I dunno...the two timelines don't really mesh, but I could fudge it. He's been getting pretty awesome in current canon, but I don't want to bring in a whole different version and make him re-meet everyone again. Anyone have an opinion? I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who cares.

Anyway, that's about it. If you're on Pintrest and I don't already follow you there, let me know, so I can stalk you!
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My and my sister and kids went to downtown Mesa for their second Friday street festival event (they have a different themed event on the second Friday of every month) for the Steampunk event last night! There were great vendors, and fun, steamy band, and a fashion show that Robert (my older son) participated in at the last moment, just for kicks. Yes, my son is six inches taller than me.

Me and Robert, just before the event. Cut for huge pic that I was too lazy to crop )

There is also a little video snippet of the fashion show here:¤t=100_0312.mp4

About eighty percent of our outfits came from Goodwill!


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