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I really haven't been updating much, other than silly memes or links. I have been busy now that the school year has started (I think I said this before), and will probably BE busy for the foreseeable future.

Today, I went to the school and sent out two separate flyers to parents about an upcoming PTO meeting and a Pizza Hut fund raising night, when we encourage everyone to clog their arteries in the name of better educational tools. I also went and visited one of the ladies from church I was supposed to, and mailed a shipment of cell phones to the recycling place for a fund raiser from last year. I set up four more fund raising events with restaurants for the next couple of months, as we try to have two per pizza, and one actual go-to-a-place-and-sit-down with a waitress and stuff kind of place. It's served us well in the past.

Tonight was Curriculum Night at the school, where parents came without their children to see the classrooms, and to get a good idea of what their children would be learning. It was nice to get the info and meet the teachers and stuff, even though I already know most of them. I signed up two new families for the PTO, and sold a couple of t-shirts, so that was nice, too!

Tomorrow is another insanely busy day, where I am going to go visit a woman from church, pick up Lai and do some running around, pick up the kids, take the turtle to the vet, hang out at home for a bit with Lai and maybe watch a movie, and at some point, go grocery shopping. Also? My tweezers have gone mysteriously missing, and I need to get another pair.

Robert also has his first cello lesson tomorrow, and he's really excited about it. The cello was delivered yesterday, and he just sat and admired it for a while. I hope he takes to it, because sometimes I worry that the poor boy takes after my father, who was tone deaf.

I also have about a bazillion loads of laundry to catch up on, but that is nothing new.

Not getting enough sleep, but have been having a great time with my RP, both at Milliways and at my new game over on GJ. PSSSST--why haven't you all joined yet? It's awesome!

And tonight me and Lai did the happydance, because I figured out how to put tags in the sidebar at the new game's main page, and Lai figured out how to make them show up in indiviual posts. Now all we have to do is find out why we can't edit entries at all, and we will be GOLDEN.

Other than that, life continues apace...things are good, if a little hectic. Hope everyone out there is doing well!

Link of the day:

I don't know if this really works, but if it does? Sweeeet.


Jul. 29th, 2007 12:21 pm
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Go here to check it out!!

It looks like an ordinary wooden box. You open it up, and find a puzzle inside. Tip it over, and it falls into 13 uniquely shaped pieces that can be put together to form a cube. It’s not as easy as it looks. You have found a Chaos Cube! Even though there are over 19,000 different ways to solve the puzzle, you may need to be a genius to discover just one of them.

Once you solve the puzzle, you will find yourself unexpectedly transported to a new place (along with anything and anyone touching you or the cube at the time).

Where are you now? You’re Here.

A sprawling estate, Here is nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains. There are extensive grounds, a small lake, and lightly wooded areas. There are acres and acres if land to explore! There are recreational areas: archery range, tennis courts, and stables, nine-hole golf course and driving range, indoor playground and outdoor playgrounds children’s playgrounds, indoor and outdoor pools and more.

In heart of Here, there is The Residence. A lavish apartment building with hotel-style living and amenities; each resident is given a luxurious room with a bedroom, living space, fully stocked kitchen and bathroom . Each room is a little bit different from the next, and many rooms have a balcony or deck with a table and chairs for enjoying the fresh air.

You don’t need money here! Planes don’t fly overhead, phones don’t ring, the stars are different from what one might be used to. It is peaceful and calm here…most of the time. For the intrepid explorer, there might be discoveries to be made; secret passages found, adventures to be had, mysteries to be solved… what more could you want?

You want to be able to leave, you say? Well, that is something you will have to take up with The Manager. Just fill out any questions or requests on the paper provided by the brass tube at the reception desk, put it in the capsule, and put the capsule in the tube. Your missive will be whisked away, and an answer returned to you in no time at all! Isn’t that easy?

Try leaving without permission, though, and you will find that all roads lead back to Here, and the Residence. Enjoy your stay!
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Find a Chaos Cube, and join the fun!

Psssssst! Apps are open NOW!! Pass the word!
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I had a great time in Tennessee! I wish I had had a few more days there, though I missed my family.

Enterprise car rental company is on my s**t list, though, for making me wait over an hour for a car that I reserved three weeks in advance, and making me wait even longer to meet the fabulous [ profile] lai_lore, who is indeed fabulous. This was made even longer by the fact that I missed my exit, and drove nearly to Kentucky before I found a place to turn around and retrace my route. I got lost a lot while I was there.

Fun and long car trips were had, and the Memphis Zoo and pandas and fish and elephant butts here seen and photographed. And PLANS were made…oh yes…and not just for world domination!

I went from Nashville to Memphis and back, and then I went from Nashville to Knoxville and back, so I went through four tanks of gas in about two and a half days. Whee! Sadly, there was not enough time to visit Graceland, but with great friends living in TN, I will surely have another chance some day.

BUT! I got to see FIREFLIES (or lightning bugs, if that is what they are called where you live)!! We don’t have them in Arizona, and I never realize how much I miss them, until I see them again on visits back east.

My friend, Arwen, in Knoxville has a lovely little family, with an absolutely beautiful and charming daughter. I spent a great day with them, and wished I could have stayed for more, but I just ran out of time. My next trip will need to be better planned.

My flight home was delayed by more than an hour, and was full of seven people in wheelchairs that had to be pre-boarded, and about twenty kids under the age of five that needed similar treatment. It was a hot, noisy flight, and I was one of the last to get on the plane, so ended up beside a woman with a two year old in her lap, and a four year old beside me. It wasn’t bad, except that the boy needed to be entertained for the whole trip, and kept climbing over me to use the bathroom. He listened to my iPod for a while, and colored in my notebook, and ate some of my granola bar…he was cute, but it got old after a while. He just wasn’t interested with all of the stuff that they brought for him to play with, and the poor woman was effectively trapped by the other kid sleeping in her arms.

I was more than ready to get off that plane. I got my luggage and met my husband and kids out on the curb (where they had been circling the terminal for an hour) and we went to dinner.

At home, souvenirs were distributed and argued over, and my dog went nuts to see me again. All in all a satisfying end to my little vacation.

I stayed home today and relaxed and napped and RPed for the first time in what seems like AGES. It was great!

I hope everyone else is doing well! **hugs to all**


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