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I did it! I reached my goal weight today and have officially dropped 70 pounds! I don't think I've worn a size ten since I was a junior in high school! *Dances* Now I just have to keep up with the healthy choices and new lifestlye!

In other news...I need a new job. I am SO TIRED of the drama and the whole new idiotic way of doing things. I just want to help kids learn stuff and grow up to be good, smart people. Can I do that, please? Without the crappy bureaucracy? I have sent in a few applications online, and will surely do more over the weekend. I don't need much more than twenty five hours a week--hell I'll even take minimum wage, since mine is only supplemental income to what my husband brings home. I just can't stay and be a party to kids losing out because the powers that be are so stuck on the numbers produced by standardized testing and covering their own asses.

BTW...did you know that many states use THIRD GRADE reading test scores to determine how much space the PRISONS will need in twenty years? That scares the crap out of me.

UGH. Rant over. I have a good life over all and am very blessed.
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cut for long account of family doings )

And because it's been a while, have a fun link!
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Long time, no report! Life has been crazy busy for me, as this time of year is wont to be. I am currently working on coordinating the annual school carnival, which is not as stressful as last year was, because this year, I have some idea of what I am doing.

Also, this weekend we learned that a proposal has been put forward to close my kids’ school, and ship all of the kids to surrounding schools as part of a budget cut type of thing. Needless to say, we believe this is a terrible idea, and we will be fighting it. That being said, as PTO president, I am being called upon to lead the charge and be the main spokesperson for the parents at the school. We already have a lot of parents foaming at the mouth and one parent has already involved the local newspapers.

I have called an emergency meeting next Wednesday night, so that when we attend the school board meetings, we don’t look like a bunch of incoherent, hysterical whack jobs. This means I have a bit of research to do, and probably petitions to get signed and neighborhoods to inform and canvass.

Did I mention that I am fighting off a cold? One of my friends had all of her kids come down with Scarlet Fever this week, too--so now I am paranoid that we are going to have an outbreak of that traveling around school. It is treatable, and everything, but UGH>

Yeah, today is the mother of all Mondays.

In other news, my poor doggie has been limping a bit, and I think her right hip is giving her trouble. This will mean an expensive vet bill, I am sure, but I don’t want her to suffer, if she doesn’t have to. I almost bought her some doggie aspirin the other day, but I will wait and hear what the vet has to say, first. I did buy her a new bed; we found one at Petsmart that she likes. I put it on the ground at the store and asked her, “Do you like it?” and she immediately sprawled on it happily.

Other little things have been taking up my time, as well, and not leaving a lot of extra for the things I want to do, like RP, and stuff I DON’T want to do, like housework. It is becoming one of those, “Bite the bullet and get it done not matter how your body feels” types of weeks, already.

Anyway, I hope to be able to do some RP this week, though slow times will be in effect, without a doubt.

So--how is everyone else?


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