A good day.

May. 7th, 2008 05:05 pm
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Today has been pretty good! I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] lai_lore last night about getting a coupon for a new book I wanted, and lo, and behold! There was a coupon for Borders in my email this morning. I bought the newest Fablehaven book, and read the first chapter.

Then I went to the comic book store and found that they had saved me all but one of the Free Comic Day comic books, which is awesome!

Then I found some hair product I thought I had lost, along with a dollar in my bedroom! I went grocery shopping, then went to Goodwill where I found a ginormous bag of Lego bricks and mini figs for $7, which is a steal, considering everything that was in it! There was even a Lego pirate with a peg leg, hook hand and a parrot! Did I mention the Lego monkey? There was one! And a Lego alligator! I played Legos with my kids for about an hour after school. Also at Goodwill, I found a big Unicron action figure for Robert, since his broke a long time ago, and he's been lamenting that fact since.

Then, after Lego playing, I took the kids to the discount theater and we saw The Spiderwick Chronicles. Then I folded five loads of laundry and put another in the dryer, and another in the washer. Only several more to go!

Tomorrow, Jared is in a play, which I have to miss to attend my sister's graduation from ASU - she earned her Masters in Social Work in just a year, and was offered a job with the Hospice she interned at for a very good salary. I am very proud of her! We will have dinner afterward to celebrate.

Friday, I have Art Masterpiece with the kids...possibly the last one of the year. That evening, I am hosting a Stampin' Up! party at the school, because my house is to small for it. I need to buy snacks for that, and remember to pick up the demonstrator--she's blind, so she can't get there on her own. I will have to remember to clean out the back seat for her dog.

Saturday, I need to go to [livejournal.com profile] lai_lore's apartment to help dismantle a bad and take it to Goodwill to donate, since it's taking up too much room. I also need to go to my niece's track meet on Saturday, since she made the State team. I am not sure which even she is participating it...hammer throw or shot put, but our family is going to go and cheer for her.

Sunday is Mother's Day, and so I am going to drive up to Strawberry with my sister and a niece or two, to visit my parent's graves and probably have a picnic while we're up in the mountains. It is a beautiful place, and a nice time of year to be there.

Anyway, that is the rest of my week in a nutshell. I needed to get it written down so I don't forget anything. But for now, I need to go and cook dinner and stuff.

Hope everyone is doing well! Check out my previous journal entry for some free music downloads. The links will still be good for another four or five days, I think. Enjoy!
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WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually spent a good portion of the day today making huge banners to put on the fence in front of the school. They read: "WOOHOO!!!" "YIPEE!" and "JAGUAR PRIDE" I am going to go extra early and hang them up! Hee! I also stopped and got six dozen donuts for the teachers to put in the work room where the teachers visit every morning to check their mailboxes, as a special treat! VICTORY DONUTS!

Can you tell I'm excited and a bit hyper right now? Wheeeeee!
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I don't care what the calender says--when it is close to 100F outside, it is summer. I know it's summer, because the fatigue is already kicking in, as happens to me when the temperatures go up. In the winter, I often take a diet pill in the late morning to keep me going and awake, and STILL need a nap in the afternoon. In the summer, I can take TWO diet pills, and still need a nap an hour later. Anyway--if I am seeming flaky or lazy, it's probably just the TIRED taking over.

Stupid Multiple Sclerosis.

For those of you who play at Chaos Cube: Insane Journal is down, and may be down for a day or two more. Some idiot at their server hosting company deleted their servers or something. Being the most technically challenged person in the known universe, that is about as well as I can explain it. Yes, it should be back up ASAP, and our game should be able to continue on as before with no problems. ETA: Apparently someone is working feverishly, because they think it could be up within the hour!

My kitchen is a mess right now, and I will be devoting a portion of my day to scrubbing it down, hopefully. The pantry is all out of order and stuff, and I have the urge to empty it out and reorganize so I can FIND stuff. I also have several loads of laundry to do, as usual, and one of the ladies from church to visit. I am supposed to visit three a month, and forgot on Monday to visit the one, so my partner went alone. I've got one today and one tomorrow. We are only supposed to stay for about twenty minutes per person, but my partner tends to stay at each one for at least an hour, no matter how I try to hurry things along. I wouldn't mind so much, be she sets the appointments for right in the middle of the day, and it kind of throws the rest of my day off.

Also, while I am bitching about stuff: WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH WATERMELONS THIS YEAR??? I have bought several, and I know it is early in the season, but they have all been awful! The seedless ones have seeds, and the fruit has been really bland. I am disappointed.

That is all I can think of to complain about today. Have a fun link, for putting up with me:

also: http://www.rofl.to/amazing-hamster-storing-food
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cut for long account of family doings )

And because it's been a while, have a fun link! http://www.addictinggames.com/puzzle.html
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Today went by FAST!

Firstly, even though he died more than ten years ago, I have to say Happy Birthday, Daddy! he would have been seventy-four today. Wow! I hope he's having a great party with my mom!

I spent the day at the school (what else is new?), counting out the money from the carnival, and getting it ready to be deposited. I am still not sure how much we made, but I am thinking it's somewhere close to what we made last year, so I am satisfied. After that, I called the raffle winners that hadn't already picked up their prizes, and gave them the good news about their prizes. I then spent a couple of hours shredding all of the raffle tickets, and all of the strips of tickets so that the kids don't dig them out of the dumpsters and try to use them again, next year. I over heated the shredder three times, and had to take breaks from that. I will finish that, tomorrow.

While I was doing said shredding, I overheard (because I was blatantly listening in) the principal's secretary asking one of the aides if they wanted to go to crossing guard training. butted in (as is my wont) and said I would be willing to take the training, and volunteer when the regulars couldn't be there. This led to the principal offering me a job next year--only a few hours a week--to do substitute aide work. Of course, this hinges on the school remaining open next year, but it's encouraging that he felt able to offer. He wouldn't, if he didn't have a good amount of confidence in the situation.

At any rate, that is what is going on with me, right now. I still have a mountain of laundry and tons of housework, but I am slowly whittling it down. Hope everyone else is doing well!

**Squishes you all**
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Well, the public hearing is over, and we had really good attendance. They had to use the cafeteria for the overflow...and that has never happened before for a Board Meeting. I got up and spoke, as did a dozen or so others, and gave the board something to think about. I think we made a good impression, and have a very real chance of keeping our school open.

I got interviewed by News Channel 3, but I don't think they ever aired it, and I got interviewed by KTAR talk radio, though I never heard whether that aired either. Doesn't matter, since I never wanted to be on camera, and I hate the sound of my voice. I WAS on channel 99, which is the Mesa Public Schools channel here. Woo! I am famous! Not.

Now, it is on to getting Carnival done, and that is going well. I sent out several flyers today with students. I think the teachers are going to start hating me, for all of the stuff I have been sending out lately, but a lot of it has to do with saving their jobs, so I don't think they can mind that much. It appears that I am going to be PTO President next year by default, because you have to serve on the Board for one year before you can be president, and no one on the Board wants the job. I don't mind. I love being involved at my kids' school.

Today, I ran into the special ed preschool class hunting for their classroom teddy bears. It was SO ADORABLE!! The teachers were leading them around, asking everyone if they had seen their teddies. It was some sort of activity, so I don't know where they actually hid them.

Speaking of Special Ed...this is the coolest thing EVER: http://www.flaghouse.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=31248
How cool is that? I am going to have to see if we can find sponsors next year to equip our Special Needs Program with some interactive stuff and playground tools.

Today, I have a PTO meeting after school, and tonight I will be refreshing my memory on the life Georges Rouault for tomorrow's Art Masterpiece presentation. I hope to RP a little tonight, but I will have to wait and see how that goes.

I also have to run very soon to return a book to the library, and figure out what the heck I am going to make for dinner tonight. I'm thinking spaghetti sounds good.

OH!!! Also, your prayer and good vibes would be appreciated for the grandson of our Media Specialist at the kids' school. He was born with a lot of health problems, and today they finally got the liver for the transplant he desperately needs. The surgery is probably already under way, and the family needs all the support and prayers they can get! Also, a prayer for the family that donated the liver, as well...I am sure they are dealing with no small amount of grief and hardship, too.

I hope everyone has a great day!

Today I...

Mar. 11th, 2008 12:00 pm
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Things I have done so far today:

Stood in front of the school with a large poster/sign reminding the parents dropping off their kids about the Public Hearing of the School Board tonight.

Made two posters/signs to stand in front of the school with on Wednesday and Friday respectively reminding people of the PTO meeting and that Jamba Juice is going to be coming to sell smoothies on Friday as a fund raiser.

Went to Walgreens to get my prescription and buy more poster board,

Smiled pleasantly even though I was Not Pleased.

Took meds.

Went back to the school and made two large posters/signs for people to hold tonight at aforementioned Public Hearing of the School Board.

Met President of the School Board and Arizona Senator Rich Crandall.

Smiled pleasantly even though I was Not Pleased.

Made two MORE large posters/signs for people to hold tonight at aforementioned Public Hearing of the School Board.

Came home and checked my flist, and printed out online petition to present to the School Board tonight, protesting the closure of the school.

Later, I plan to:

Get gas in my truck.

Hold up sign again to remind people picking their kids up to come to the Public Hearing tonight.

Pick up kids from school.

Supervise kids' homework, make dinner, possibly nap.

Go to Public Hearing and encourage others to be rowdy and possibly chant before the Board Members arrive, so they can hear us before they even enter the room.

Come home and crash.

It's an exciting life I lead, isn't it?

Your reward for reading all of this: An addicting game! http://flasssh.com/blocky2/

My life

Feb. 20th, 2008 08:05 pm
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I spent yesterday pounding the pavement and going from business to business trying to charm people out of free stuff for our school carnival raffle. Met some very nice people who promised to see what they can do. I was gratified to find three free sessions in a batting cage, three free rounds of mini golf, and three $15 gift cards for a local BBQ restaurant! So far we have some really nice raffle prizes, but not nearly as many as last year. Things have been tight all over with the economy.

Last night was the first public hearing about saving the elementary school my kids go to from closing. I think it went really well, and that we brought up some issues that the panel had not considered. We had some very articulate and passionate people speak, and only two complete nut jobs that (while entertaining) did not really help our cause. The main thing we have going for us is that we have close to 140 special needs kids attending our school, and moving them all to a new facility would be extremely costly and traumatic for the kids. The two other schools they want to divide the kids into are ill suited to providing the excellent Special Education classes that our school provides. One of the schools has NO Special Ed program at all, and many staircases it would be impossible for some of the kids to navigate; the other school has a single autism class that was only implemented this past year.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Today I spent copying and sending our fliers for neighborhood distribution about the remaining hearings, and about the PTO meeting tomorrow after school. Then I took my doggie to the vet and learned that she probably will need hip replacement in the future to the tune of $6000.00 to $12000 dollars - that we cannot afford, and that my husband will not pay. In the meantime we keep her comfortable and on pain meds and canine glucosamine.

I went to the comic store for the first time in two weeks and got Ultimate X-men, X-Force #1 and the most recent X-Factor. I must say that I used to love Ultimate X-men, but am not really enjoying it as much anymore, as it is getting too angst. X-Force looks promising, if incredibly violent (not always a bad thing); I can’t say for certain if I will continue to buy the title, but for now it’s on my pull list at the comic store. X-Factor used to be one of my least favorite titles WAY back before I took a ten year hiatus from comics, I am really enjoying it now. I LOVE Layla Miller--She knows stuff.

Other than that? Life continues much the same as it always does. Not enough hours in the day, not enough sleep, not enough desire to do laundry and clean the house., and not enough money to hire a maid.

I always feel like everyone else on my flist leads a much more interesting life than I do.




Feb. 13th, 2008 09:53 pm
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Over a hundred people showed up for the PTO meeting, and I have volunteers to canvass the neighborhood and hand out fliers about the board hearings over the next couple of weeks.

I have made said fliers, and now I must go and confiscate the dog's food and water because she has to fast for the x-rays she need tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a long day, but I am still going to carve our two hours to go and see the Spiderwick movie, if it kills me!!

A very Happy Valentines Day to all of you! Whether you have a sweetheart or not, know you are loved and that someone cares about you!

**hugs to all**
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I know I haven't updated with anything truly newsworthy in a while, but life has been going on.

My birthday was nice, even if I did get stricken with a virus of some sort halfway through the day that sent me to bed with a mega sick headache. Thank you to all of you lovely people who wished me a happy day. I am still fighting a cold, but nothing as bad as it was.

My good friend in Tennesee sent me the funniest birthday present EVER! She sent me the world's largest gummi bear! I swear it weighs something like five pounds. When my son saw it, he asked if he could have a slice of it! (I said no.) My family pooled money together and renewed my Zoo membership for another year, so I might start taking the boys to the zoo every Wednesdays, since they get out early from school on those days. I got some spending money from my mother in law, and my husband gave me some money to buy myself something as well. I got some nice new clothes, and got my nails done and a pedicure!

I got a letter in the mail the other day informing me that a proposal has been put before the school board to close down my kids' elementary school, and to send the kids to other schools. The distirct is facing the task of addressing a twenty million dollar deficit, and they think that consolidating schools is the best way. Obviously, we think this is a Bad Idea, and want to fight this. I am heading a PTO meeting tonight to try an organize our group and make us less like an angry mob, and more like a force to be reckoned with. We have several people who have formed little Save Our School things going on, and information being gathered, but no one is sharing it with anyone else, and it's just a mess. I hope we get a good turn out tonight, so that we can be coherent and on the same page when the time comes to address the board in the scheduled hearings. The final decision will be made in mid-March.

I started planning the school carnival, which will be held at the end of March, and that is also a lot of extra work on my plate at the moment. I am hoping to get some more volunteers to help, soon. I keep having people asking me if we are still having carnival if they decide the school will be closed next year, and I keep telling them, "YES!" I don't get why they think the world is going to just come to an end if this happens.

In other news, I had to take my dog to vet today. She has been limping lately, and not moving around very well, but she is a young dog. Her hips may be displaced, and one of her knees seems to have torn cartilage. I have to take her back tomorrow morning for sedation and X-rays, then will likely have to take her to an orthopedic specialist vet for a cat scan and maybe surgery. This could get to be majorly expensive!

I also had her nails cut and her booster shots given. You would think that they had come at her with a chainsaw and and a branding iron for all of the noise she made while having that done.On a positive note, she met a cat that didn't attack her, and she was completely fine with it. Now, if I can find a cat that is indifferent to dogs, I might be able to get one, some day.

Speaking of pets...one of my turtle tank filters died yesterday, so that was another expense I had to take up...I just got an inexpensive one, but one day, I am going to have to bite the bullet and get that pond built in the back yard with the really good equipment.

Other than that, life is just...life. Busy and full of mom-stuff. I have really been wanting to RP more than I have--especially my remaining Milliways pups, but simply haven't had the time. I think I am just going to have to put them in one day with warnings for all taggers that replies will be slow.

Tomorrow after I take Sadie to the vet, I am going to go and see the Spiderwick Chronicles movie while the kids are in school. I have been waiting a long time for it to come out, and while I don't expect it to be anything like the books (at least the trailers lead me to believe the story is quite different), I still expect to enjoy it.

That's about it for now. The boys get out extra early today, and I need to take them to get their teachers some little Valentine's gifts, and get ready for the big meeting tonight. Wish me luck!!

Link of the day: Make your own girl scout cookies!!
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Long time, no report! Life has been crazy busy for me, as this time of year is wont to be. I am currently working on coordinating the annual school carnival, which is not as stressful as last year was, because this year, I have some idea of what I am doing.

Also, this weekend we learned that a proposal has been put forward to close my kids’ school, and ship all of the kids to surrounding schools as part of a budget cut type of thing. Needless to say, we believe this is a terrible idea, and we will be fighting it. That being said, as PTO president, I am being called upon to lead the charge and be the main spokesperson for the parents at the school. We already have a lot of parents foaming at the mouth and one parent has already involved the local newspapers.

I have called an emergency meeting next Wednesday night, so that when we attend the school board meetings, we don’t look like a bunch of incoherent, hysterical whack jobs. This means I have a bit of research to do, and probably petitions to get signed and neighborhoods to inform and canvass.

Did I mention that I am fighting off a cold? One of my friends had all of her kids come down with Scarlet Fever this week, too--so now I am paranoid that we are going to have an outbreak of that traveling around school. It is treatable, and everything, but UGH>

Yeah, today is the mother of all Mondays.

In other news, my poor doggie has been limping a bit, and I think her right hip is giving her trouble. This will mean an expensive vet bill, I am sure, but I don’t want her to suffer, if she doesn’t have to. I almost bought her some doggie aspirin the other day, but I will wait and hear what the vet has to say, first. I did buy her a new bed; we found one at Petsmart that she likes. I put it on the ground at the store and asked her, “Do you like it?” and she immediately sprawled on it happily.

Other little things have been taking up my time, as well, and not leaving a lot of extra for the things I want to do, like RP, and stuff I DON’T want to do, like housework. It is becoming one of those, “Bite the bullet and get it done not matter how your body feels” types of weeks, already.

Anyway, I hope to be able to do some RP this week, though slow times will be in effect, without a doubt.

So--how is everyone else?
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Time flies when you're having fun? Jeeze, time has been getting away from me lately. I have been extremely busy, and still don't feel like I am getting much done. Real life has been kicking my butt and demanding a lot of attention, so I apologize to anyone who has been looking for me online and not found me. I am not dead (yet)!

In the past week I have been especially busy because I have started planning for the school carnival, had a PTO meeting to put together and run, a bathroom to finish painting, and house to get cleaned up. I swear I turn my back for a few minutes, and the place is a mess again!

My husband has been out of town all week at a convention in Vegas, and is coming home tomorrow. While he was gone I bought a handful of new picture frames and prints and changed things around slightly in the house. I have to do it while he is gone, or I get smart assed remarks about how I hand stuff crookedly and whatnot.

I have gotten little to no RP done, and am hoping to get my pups into various places very soon for some actual play, since I've really kind of missed it. I don't think that will happen tonight, since I want the house to look nice when my husband gets home tomorrow night, but hopefully over the weekend. Anyone interested in playing with any of my pups at any time, all you have to do is give me a nudge. It will probably end up in slowtime, but I will play with just about anyone whenever I can.

I don't have much to say about Heath Ledger and Brad Renfro's premature deaths that hasn't already been said. It's sad and pointless seeming, and I am sure they will be missed.

I have been trying to watch season one of Heroes while I have been working on housework, but it has not been easy. I seem to have a curse on me regarding this show. I tried watching the pilot several times over the last few months, and something always intervened, and made me unable to watch it. Finally [livejournal.com profile] lai_lore bought it on sale, and lent it to me (still in shrinkwrap, even!) so I could finally watch it without broken links, stalled downloads or anything else causing problems. Then, when I put the first disk in my DVD player? The player broke. I am not even kidding. I finally got it to play on my son's laptop (I wasn't going to risk putting it in mine!), and the other disks have worked fine in my other player.

I am liking the show, watching it all at once like this, but I think I probably would have become frustrated with it and stopped watching it if I had been following it on television weekly. There are too many characters and mini plots within plots to keep track of for my brain to remember them all from week to week. I'm a woman who forgot her PIN number on her bankcard for over a week, and didn't figure out she was using a code from over a year ago. Week to week would be too hard for me to remember.

Anyway, I have not meant to be so completely out of touch with everyone, and I have not been ignoring anyone, not am I mad or unhappy with anyone at the moment...just one busy lady!

**hugs to you all** I miss you!!

Link of the whenever: http://newsbiscuit.com/article/image-of-a-piece-of-toast-seen-on-face-of-the-virgin-mary
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So, Trixie went to the vet yesterday. Skip this if you have no interest in the lives of my turtles, because it's all about turtle stuff.

That was an adventure! I lost the lid to the box thingie I usually transport my little guys in, and so I just took her in a tall plastic box. One that I discovered she could climb out of, while I was driving. I got to hold a pissed off turtle with very sharp claws all the way to the vet.

She was an unhappy girl, but behaved pretty well. She had a lot of flake-age on her shell, but Dr. Driggers did not seem overly concerned about it, other then that there was algae under some of the layers. He used a dental pick to gently flake loose layers away, and I must say that a LOT came off, in my opinion, but she looks much better, now.

He agreed that she was swimming crookedly (listing to the right), and gave her a shot of anti-biotic. *sigh* She did NOT enjoy that, and the sound of her snapping was really loud. I am dreading giving her the remaining shots on my own. She is very strong, and I have a feeling I am going to get bitten. The first one I have to give her is tomorrow, and then every other day for twelve more days after that.

He examined her further and made sure there was no eggs inside of her. He showed me how to check, and I was surprised that Trixie let him do it, but he stuck his index fingers up under her shell just in front of her hind legs and felt around in there. He said I would feel small round lumps in there if she had eggs. I don't know that I would check that on my own, unless I thought she was sick or bound our something.

We have been over feeding her, but she was not overly fat or anything, so he said no harm done...the last owners probably did not keep her under proper lighting, and so that was why her shell was so flaky and now that she has the UVB light, she should be a lot better. That and she is growing quickly from the over feeding. I think the boys have been feeding her extra because she begs shamelessly for food, and eats like she has been starving for days. He told me what portion size to give her (about the size or her heads' worth of pellets), and said that it was all right to give her greens every day. I put some in this morning, be she seems unimpressed with them; she shredded a bit, and is now using it to hide under.

Anyway, she is on her road to recovery. The doc encouraged the outdoor pond we were planning for the back yard ASAP for the best environment for all the turtles. I am only worried that she and Godzilla will breed, and I won't find the eggs before I have tons of bebe turtles running around.

This is Trixie, taken about a month ago. )
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I really haven't been updating much, other than silly memes or links. I have been busy now that the school year has started (I think I said this before), and will probably BE busy for the foreseeable future.

Today, I went to the school and sent out two separate flyers to parents about an upcoming PTO meeting and a Pizza Hut fund raising night, when we encourage everyone to clog their arteries in the name of better educational tools. I also went and visited one of the ladies from church I was supposed to, and mailed a shipment of cell phones to the recycling place for a fund raiser from last year. I set up four more fund raising events with restaurants for the next couple of months, as we try to have two per month...one pizza, and one actual go-to-a-place-and-sit-down with a waitress and stuff kind of place. It's served us well in the past.

Tonight was Curriculum Night at the school, where parents came without their children to see the classrooms, and to get a good idea of what their children would be learning. It was nice to get the info and meet the teachers and stuff, even though I already know most of them. I signed up two new families for the PTO, and sold a couple of t-shirts, so that was nice, too!

Tomorrow is another insanely busy day, where I am going to go visit a woman from church, pick up Lai and do some running around, pick up the kids, take the turtle to the vet, hang out at home for a bit with Lai and maybe watch a movie, and at some point, go grocery shopping. Also? My tweezers have gone mysteriously missing, and I need to get another pair.

Robert also has his first cello lesson tomorrow, and he's really excited about it. The cello was delivered yesterday, and he just sat and admired it for a while. I hope he takes to it, because sometimes I worry that the poor boy takes after my father, who was tone deaf.

I also have about a bazillion loads of laundry to catch up on, but that is nothing new.

Not getting enough sleep, but have been having a great time with my RP, both at Milliways and at my new game over on GJ. PSSSST--why haven't you all joined yet? It's awesome!

And tonight me and Lai did the happydance, because I figured out how to put tags in the sidebar at the new game's main page, and Lai figured out how to make them show up in indiviual posts. Now all we have to do is find out why we can't edit entries at all, and we will be GOLDEN.

Other than that, life continues apace...things are good, if a little hectic. Hope everyone out there is doing well!

Link of the day: http://algebraoflife.blogspot.com/2007/02/unlocks-your-car-using-tennis-ball.html

I don't know if this really works, but if it does? Sweeeet.


Aug. 11th, 2007 11:23 pm
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I applied for a seasonal/temporary job online tonight to work at Borders bookstore. I would love to have some extra money for Christmas, and if they can work with me on the hours, and schedule me for times my kids are in school and on weekends, it would be perfect.

I had to take a very long (37 pages! Seriously!) poll/quiz thing about my personality to make sure I wasn't a sociopath or maniac or something, but other than that it was fine.

I guess I should tell the people I have listed as personal references that I listed them, eh?

It would be nice to get a call back, but since I don't strictly NEED a job, I am not going to stress over it. (But wish me luck, all the same!)

That's pretty much it.

Return to your normal lives people!

PS - Did you know that Soylent green is PEOPLE?!?! It's true!

Link of the day:
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When making lasagna, it is always wise to turn on the oven, when you want to cook it. Otherwise the timer will go off, and dinner will not be cooked.

That is all.


Link of the day: You grammar nuts will love this! http://quotation-marks.blogspot.com/
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Find a Chaos Cube, and join the fun!

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Jun. 16th, 2007 06:09 pm
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I broke the shovel handle...snapped it right in half. The hole is only about 1/3 of the way finished, and I am not looking forward to finishing the damned thing with a flat head shovel.

Did I mention the three inch bruise on my leg from when the handle snapped?


I'm gonna take a little rest, now.
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Sadie graduated today from her intermediate training class!! Hooray! She also got a booster shot, which I thought she'd be freaked out about, but didn't even notice getting.

Now all that's left is to find a time and place to get her the AKC Canine Good Citizenship test! If she passes that, then she should qualify to be Therapy Dog, and I should be able to take her to hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, and special ed classrooms. I really hope she passes--they are very strict about the rules for it.

Other than that, I have a TON of laundry to do, and the house needs cleaning, and I need to dig a huge hole in the back yard...which leads me to:

Father's Day is tomorrow. I went and bought my husband a tree for our backyard for his gift We planted a tree for Robert when he was little, and one for Jared a couple of years after that, and now My husband will have his own tree. I got a relatively mature one, so it shouldn't die. He has planted three or four ficus trees that have all met speedy demises. This time I got him a Sisso, which we already have one of, and it grows very quickly, and very well in our yard.

I don't know how I am going to get the tree into the back yard, though. I got it out of the back of the truck and into a wheel barrow, but apparently it weighs too much, because the tires went flat, and I don't want to push it like that, or it will ruin the wheels all together, if they aren't all ready. I may have to just dig the hole, and let him help me move it tomorrow, when he gets home. I had hoped to have it planted by the time he saw it, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen, unless there is some sort of divine intervention in the next few hours.

For those of you who don't know it my own father passed away over ten years ago from complications related to him Multiple Sclerosis. I will be thinking of him, as I often do, and hopefully laugh with my sisters over some of our favorite memories of him.

If you have a father that you love, I hope you have a happy day tomorrow. If your mother raised you single handedly, wish her a happy father's day as well--she played both roles, so should get to celebrate both mother's and father's day.

That is pretty much all I have to report. Hope everyone is doing well.

Love you all! **hugs**
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Caught the last of the wild cats living in our back yard. You may recall that the mother cat chased my dog around the yard one night, and so my husband flushed the cats out with the garden hose? Well, hey came back, and moved under the kids' playhouse. My husband borrowed a small animal trap, and lured a kitten out with some tuna, and took it out to farmer's field and let it go.

The mother was caught a few hours later, perhaps looking for her baby. She was taken (with much howling, hissing and growling) to another field and let go. The three remaining kittens disappeared for a couple of days, before showing up back in the original hole under the shed. I took them out some water, but didn't feed them--they were SO thirsty, the poor things. My husband set the trap again, and caught one within two minutes, and the remaining two in one shot about twenty minutes later. They were released together at a corporate park that has a little pond and lots of little bushes and trees in clusters where they can chase bugs and lizards and mice for food.

The reason (in case you are wondering) we didn't take them to the Humane Society is because they were feral cats, and therefore, unadoptable. We thought it preferable to let them go, than to have them put to sleep. Also, the shelters are so overrun, that most are not accepting new animals right now. Sad, but true.

Anyway, not much new has happened to me in the past few days. I took the kids to the zoo yesterday to play in the water playground there, and did some yardwork this morning. Tonight will be spent cleaning the turtle tank, which gets dirty a lot faster with a third turtle added to the mix. Still haven't taken pics, but will get around to it, soon.

If any of you are interested in reading the newest issue of the Fables comic (which I always recommend, because it's fabulous), drop me a comment here, and I will send you the links to the scans I made of it.

And, because I haven't had one for quite a while, I give you a LINK OF THE DAY! (Gasp!)



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