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I did it! I reached my goal weight today and have officially dropped 70 pounds! I don't think I've worn a size ten since I was a junior in high school! *Dances* Now I just have to keep up with the healthy choices and new lifestlye!

In other news...I need a new job. I am SO TIRED of the drama and the whole new idiotic way of doing things. I just want to help kids learn stuff and grow up to be good, smart people. Can I do that, please? Without the crappy bureaucracy? I have sent in a few applications online, and will surely do more over the weekend. I don't need much more than twenty five hours a week--hell I'll even take minimum wage, since mine is only supplemental income to what my husband brings home. I just can't stay and be a party to kids losing out because the powers that be are so stuck on the numbers produced by standardized testing and covering their own asses.

BTW...did you know that many states use THIRD GRADE reading test scores to determine how much space the PRISONS will need in twenty years? That scares the crap out of me.

UGH. Rant over. I have a good life over all and am very blessed.
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Total weight loss to date: 15 lbs.

I haven't been around much in the past few days, have I? I have been spending a lot of time at my sister's house, just hanging out. Also, my sister has an awesome craft room of awesomeness, and so, in the past couple of days, I have been working on one of my altered books, and really enjoying creating things with my hands, again. It's been too long since I really made anything.

Other than that, I have been living on to little sleep and too much laundry. I have been making mental lists for my trip to Tennessee to visit my friends, Arwen (whom I have known since seventh grade) and [ profile] lai_lore (whom I have never met in person, but am very excited to be doing so, soon). I will be moving into my written lists very soon, I am sure.

I have also been trying to get up to Chino Valley to visit my friend Alicia (Hi, Alicia!!), but in typical Amy fashion, have been unable to find a good time when we are both free. Hopefully, once her kids are out of school, it will be easier, because I won't have to wait for a weekend.

Other than that? Not too much is going on. I spent this morning weed whacking the back yard (and cutting my legs up in the process), but I ran out of weed eating cord, so had to settle for raking and stuff. I am on a break right now, but will be going back out momentarily to move the raked stuff to the compost heap.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the U.S., and know that those of you with loved ones who are fighting in the war, or with those who have fallen in past wars and in defense of our country; you have my undying thanks and pride.

On a completely random and unrelated note that I am going to call the Link of the day: DID YOU SEE THIS? HOLY MOLEY!!!!! BBQ, anyone?
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I <3 my new icon. I made it, myself!! **hugs self** It's hard to tell, but he has a little X men belt buckle on.

I took my new prescription for Adderall today, to help combat fatigue due to my MS, and let me tell you something! I am AWAKE, despite having had only five hours of sleep last night. I also started my new diet, and am going to keep a log of everything I eat, and the calories therein.

My weight loss formula under here, if anyone cares. )
I am currently working on making a wand (ala Harry Potter) for [ profile] lai_lore, because I loves her!! I will try to take pics of it before I send it out, because I think it is looking pretty good! I am using a very pointy bit on my dremmel tool to hand carve/etch a pretty design into the base.

In about an hour and a half, I am going to be taking my son to scouts where he will compete in the Pinewood Derby...he has a new car this year, so keep your fingers crossed that he will do better then last year, when we had NO clue what we were doing. He came in dead last, but won the good sport award (which is really sad, though I was proud of him for his attitude).

Lastly, I leave you with two stupid jokes, both of which made me giggle:

Q: How to billboards talk to each other?
A: They use Sign Language!

Q: What is a seal's favorite subject?

Have a good one, everybody! *hugs*


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