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Well, I got about an hour an a half of sleep last night...and it wasn't enough. Ever have a headache so bad that you felt sick from it, and couldn't even sleep to escape that pain? Yeah. it's like that.

So far, have gotten 42 RSVPs for our Harry Potter party on the 16th. Anyone on my flist that is going to be in AZ then is welcome to come. Prizes, food, games...all catered at an Irish Pub in their party room. It should be awesome!

I have plans today to make sugar skulls, green suckers that look like the dark mark, and assorted other hard candies...if I am not asleep.

When hubby gets home from work, I shall brave the extreme heat and go stand in line for the midnight showing of the Harry Potter movie. Should I be a total geek and wear my cloak and hat?

I also need to brave Wal Mart today...though I am having trouble remembering why. It seemed vitally important to me to go there when I thought of it at two this morning. I'm sure I'll remember sooner or later.

Take care, all!


Jun. 16th, 2007 06:09 pm
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I broke the shovel handle...snapped it right in half. The hole is only about 1/3 of the way finished, and I am not looking forward to finishing the damned thing with a flat head shovel.

Did I mention the three inch bruise on my leg from when the handle snapped?


I'm gonna take a little rest, now.
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That's right! The BRATZ movie. I can only assume that this is an attempt to improve the image of a doll popular with K thru third grade girls that I refer to as a Ho-bag in a box. I hate these dolls almost as much as I despise Paris Hilton and her tweenage wannabes.

Ugh. I feel vaguely ill.


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