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I'm not dead! Just busy. Hope everyone else is not dead, also! *waves and dashes off again*
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Just got home from a four day vacation to Disneyland and California, and I am utterly exhausted. I have not had time to check out the goings on in the bar, though I have seen there is a summary. With any luck, I will be able to post my pups in after the dust has settled somewhat and have had them miss the entire thing (just like I did!) and HOPEFULLY resume play of some sort in the next couple of weeks. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

How's everyone else?
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Genius! ------1-2-3 Cake. I LOVE this idea!!! You need two boxes of cake mix. One can be any flavor you prefer, but the other MUST be Angel Food cake mix. Mix them together (shake them in a big ziploc bag or stir them together in a big bowl). Then simply store the mixture in an airtight container until you get the urge for dessert. Then just put three tablespoons of the dry mixture in a big coffee mug and stir in two tablespoons of water. Microwave it for one minute and you will have a single serving of cake! Top with fruit, ice cream whipped cream or whatever. :):):) Awesome for those of us who want something sweet every now without making an entire cake!!

I just tried this with my son, and it TOTALLY WORKS! I tossed some chocolate chips on top while it was still warm, and they melted to make a nice 'frosting' for the top. The cake comes out perfectly cooked all the way through, and light and spongy in texture. I used devil's food cake mix with the angel food cake mix, though I will try other flavors, soon!
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Originally posted by [ profile] electricdruid at The fiasco continues

ACTA in a Nutshell –

What is ACTA?  ACTA is the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. A new intellectual property enforcement treaty being negotiated by the United States, the European Community, Switzerland, and Japan, with Australia, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Mexico, Jordan, Morocco, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada recently announcing that they will join in as well.

Why should you care about ACTA? Initial reports indicate that the treaty will have a very broad scope and will involve new tools targeting “Internet distribution and information technology.”

What is the goal of ACTA? Reportedly the goal is to create new legal standards of intellectual property enforcement, as well as increased international cooperation, an example of which would be an increase in information sharing between signatory countries’ law enforcement agencies.

Essential ACTA Resources

  • Read more about ACTA here: ACTA Fact Sheet
  • Read the authentic version of the ACTA text as of 15 April 2011, as finalized by participating countries here: ACTA Finalized Text
  • Follow the history of the treaty’s formation here: ACTA history
  • Read letters from U.S. Senator Ron Wyden wherein he challenges the constitutionality of ACTA: Letter 1 | Letter 2 | Read the Administration’s Response to Wyden’s First Letter here: Response
  • Watch a short informative video on ACTA: ACTA Video
  • Watch a lulzy video on ACTA: Lulzy Video

Say NO to ACTA. It is essential to spread awareness and get the word out on ACTA.

Via Tumblr

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Originally posted by [ profile] box_in_the_box at Internet blackout day: See you all on Thursday

Google: End Piracy, Not Liberty

Millions of Americans oppose SOPA and PIPA because these bills would censor the Internet and slow economic growth in the U.S.

Two bills before Congress, known as the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House, would censor the Web and impose harmful regulations on American business. Millions of Internet users and entrepreneurs already oppose SOPA and PIPA.

The Senate will begin voting on January 24th. Please let them know how you feel. Sign this petition urging Congress to vote NO on PIPA and SOPA before it is too late.

Tell Congress: Don't censor the Web

Fighting online piracy is important. The most effective way to shut down pirate websites is through targeted legislation that cuts off their funding. There's no need to make American social networks, blogs and search engines censor the Internet or undermine the existing laws that have enabled the Web to thrive, creating millions of U.S. jobs.

Too much is at stake — please vote NO on PIPA and SOPA.
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Seriously! I'm going to Disneyland in February! Technically, it's after my birthday, but it's within two weeks! I've won an auction for a bunch of random trading pins on eBay, so I won't go broke buying some to trade once I get there. I might bid on's kind of addicting. I'm really excited to be going, but my kids are bummed because I am not taking them. I can't afford to take them, and my sister and I can use they 'away' time, and she pays her own way. I'll get over my guilt once I buy them souvenirs.

Other than that, life has been busy, but boring. I still haven't found time to play at Milliways, and am in kind of a funk with my characters. I am toying with the idea of aging Bobby up and bringing him current with canon. I dunno...the two timelines don't really mesh, but I could fudge it. He's been getting pretty awesome in current canon, but I don't want to bring in a whole different version and make him re-meet everyone again. Anyone have an opinion? I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who cares.

Anyway, that's about it. If you're on Pintrest and I don't already follow you there, let me know, so I can stalk you!
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Well, I don't think all of my journal entries made it over from LJ with the import, but I don't know what to do about it, and I'm not overly worried. I will give my full attention to figuring out the whole DW thing soon, I hope.

Basically, this is just a test post to make sure it works, and that I can use this account at a basic level, at least. *Crosses fingers*

Meet Gus

Nov. 23rd, 2011 05:19 pm
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Gus is a Peruvian Guinea pig that we adopted from Jared's classroom teacher, because she found she was allergic to him. His hair grows about an inch a month, so we are going to let it go and see how long it gets. I have plans to give him a pony tail soon, so he can see and stuff. He is very vocal and sings A LOT. (For an example of guinea pigs singing, you can check YouTube, which has many video examples.)
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] sdelmonte!!! Happy Birthday, [ profile] sdelmonte!!! Happy Birthday, [ profile] sdelmonte!!!
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My and my sister and kids went to downtown Mesa for their second Friday street festival event (they have a different themed event on the second Friday of every month) for the Steampunk event last night! There were great vendors, and fun, steamy band, and a fashion show that Robert (my older son) participated in at the last moment, just for kicks. Yes, my son is six inches taller than me.

Me and Robert, just before the event. Cut for huge pic that I was too lazy to crop )

There is also a little video snippet of the fashion show here:¤t=100_0312.mp4

About eighty percent of our outfits came from Goodwill!
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A gun that sprays your own skin's stem cells onto burned areas and regenerates the skin in DAYS.

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My sister and I decided to take a weekend trip to Los Angeles (we're taking my niece along, too) to see the Tim Burton exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. We gambled on and got a good deal on a two night stay at a four star's a little bit of a drive from the museum, but it'll be an adventure! I would not be so enthusiastic about this if I was the one driving, but since I'm only a passenger, I don't mind. LA is NOT my favorite city, but the exhibit should be fun, and we're also going to visit Venice Beach again, and then go to the West Hollywood flea market before heading home.

We are leaving tomorrow around noon-ish, and the drive is about six to eight hours to get there, going to the museum and beach on Saturday and the flea market on Sunday. We may have side adventures, but will mostly play it by ear and not stress over anything too much. I'm really looking forward to it!

Don't burn down the internet while I'm gone--I don't know if I'll take my computer with me, or not.
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I did it! I reached my goal weight today and have officially dropped 70 pounds! I don't think I've worn a size ten since I was a junior in high school! *Dances* Now I just have to keep up with the healthy choices and new lifestlye!

In other news...I need a new job. I am SO TIRED of the drama and the whole new idiotic way of doing things. I just want to help kids learn stuff and grow up to be good, smart people. Can I do that, please? Without the crappy bureaucracy? I have sent in a few applications online, and will surely do more over the weekend. I don't need much more than twenty five hours a week--hell I'll even take minimum wage, since mine is only supplemental income to what my husband brings home. I just can't stay and be a party to kids losing out because the powers that be are so stuck on the numbers produced by standardized testing and covering their own asses.

BTW...did you know that many states use THIRD GRADE reading test scores to determine how much space the PRISONS will need in twenty years? That scares the crap out of me.

UGH. Rant over. I have a good life over all and am very blessed.
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We all know how this works! Ten songs from your iTunes or iPod on shuffle. Leave out instrumentals and songs with the title in and post the the first line...everyone tries to GUESS (no cheating) which song and artist it is. Cross off and give credit as correct answers are posted.

1. In the light of the sun, is there anyone?

2. Smile like you've got nothing to prove

3. Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry The Scientist by Coldplay guessed by [ profile] minkhollow

4. I don't mind if you're keeping someone else behind

5. There's still a little bit of your taste in my mouth Cannonball by Damien Rice guessed by [ profile] bethan_b_bad

6. Need to know, I don't wanna know, Already know, I've seen the signs

7. Something went wrong; you're not laughing

8. Well, I woke up in mid-afternoon, cause that's when it all hurts the most Mrs. Potter's Lullaby by Counting Crows guessed by [ profile] minkhollow

9. I opened my eyes last night and saw you in the low light Saltwater Room by Owl City guessed by [ profile] lilyoftheearth

10. You'd better love loving and you'd better behave


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